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(Aug. 25 2013 at 12:56 AM) Trials of the Heart: Angel's Call - Chapter II

It's up. Chapter II: The Jiràs-lim

So finally I have it released. It took much longer to get out than I thought, mainly because Chapter III was subject to a whole lot of rewriting and changing. I swear I ended up going through at least three versions of the thing before finally settling on the current incarnation of it. Hopefully it won't require any further changes outside of minor edits but we'll see. Still, I felt it was good enough to merit releasing this one after so long which is nice

I plan to add the chapter musings and update the languages later on tomorrow (today?). It's late now so I can't really focus on it. I should probably also get around to fixing up OTHER segments of the site that still have info from the story's predecessor which... may or may not be relevant anymore. Hmm...

Anyway! I think that's all I have to say for the moment. Hope everyone enjoy's the chapter.

Edit: The language page has been updated to add new words to Kokirian. I also added a few structuring rules that have evolved into it, so now you can understand certain recurring elements in it, if you don't already. 

( May 24th at 11:40 AM) Chapter I Released

 A quick update to let everyone know that Chapter I is out on Fanfiction now. You can read it here:

 Chapter I - A Home Within the Trees

I plan to begin work on Chapter III quite soon, but first I need to fix some things in Chapter II that need changing in light of the numerous alterations of Chapter I. Once I finish those I'll be able to get started once again on actual writing. So far, I'm pretty content with the way things are turning out and I hope all of you readers feel the same.

(May 15th at 2:38 PM)    Chapter I Releasing Soon

Trials of the Heart: Angel's Call Chapter I will be releasing soon. I finished Chapter II yesterday, so now all that's left for me to do is go through and edit Chapter I to get it release worthy. This shouldn't take any more than a two or three days depending on my schedule so you can expect it to be released within the week. 

(May 5th 2013 at 6:32 PM)       Chapter I Finished, Chapter II, Nearing Completion

The title line should say everything. Chapter I is now officially finished, and Chapter II is getting close as well.

It's gone much faster than I'd originally anticipated, mainly because of a decision I made while writing them out. Chapters I and II were originally one big chapter going on ten thousand words. However, remembering my desire to release shorter, but more numerous chapters in order to make more frequent updates, I decided to split it in two. In addition, the originally chapter sort of seemed to shift gears mid way through anyway, so it would have looked better to split them up anyway.

I was actually nearing the end of it when I decided on this, so the result was basically having two chapters nearing completion rather than just one... meaning that I should be able to release Chapter I pretty soon. I still need to do the edits, and put the finish touches (mainly author's notes) on Chapter I, but from a content perspective it's finished.

I decided I'd make a quick post on here letting everyone know how things have been progressing. Expect Chapter I to be released within a week or so.

E3 2013 - Nintendo's Decision and My Thoughts.

In an attempt to make this site a little more interesting to visit, I want to start doing something a little different. That is, making posts every now and again of things that aren't centric to the story, but that I want to share regardless. From the title, you can probably see where I'm going with this one.

 Now first things first: As many people know, the prologue has been out for about a month now. I'm pretty far into the first chapter as well by now (about three quarters of the way done, if my estimate is right). It will probably take a few more days, maybe a week to finish. Once done, I will be immediately starting on Chapter II.

That said, allow me to shift into the main focus of this post. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about with the title, please read this post from IGN

No Nintendo Press Conference at E3 2013

Okay, I'm sure even from the title of that link many of you are thinking the same thing I did: What in the blue HELL are they thinking?

As many of us gamers know, E3 is the kindling that allows game and console developers to light the fires of hype for their upcoming products. It's an event where all the latest, greatest things in the gaming world come together to show their stuff to millions of people around the world. Yes, it is a clear marketing tactic designed to spread news of the next great game and get people to buy their stuff, but it also provides a wealth of information to gamers, hardcore and casual alike so they can know exactly what to expect.

Nintendo has, for some inexplicable reason, decided to forgo this once a year opportunity in favor of their own 'Nintendo Direct' shows.


I am quite certain I am not the only one who didn't even know Nintendo Direct EXISTED until reading this. What does that for others who may be less inclined to look for things like this? How are those people going to react when they turn into E3 this year, expecting to see some new stuff from Nintendo... only to realize that they aren't showing anything in the press conference?

Now before you start thinking that Nintendo isn't going to be there at ALL, they ARE... but they aren't going to participate in the press conferences. For those who don't know, the press conferences are the things that most of us see. Those of us who can't actually be there on the floor during E3 and watch it on TV or online. What we see is what Nintendo doesn't want a part of. They're going to be showcasing games for people to get their hands on, but this only helps for people who are actually THERE. Those of us who can't actually attend will probably be seeing next to nothing from Nintendo unless we watch their own show.

Now, I don't know about anyone else, but I REALLY don't feel like having to tune into another show just to see what Nintendo has planned. I'd rather see it all at E3. However, Nintendo has apparently become so complacent that they don't want to do that.

What gets me the most however isn't this decision in and of itself, but the fact that they are doing it NOW. Nintendo has been going down hill for some time now, and it doesn't seem like they even know it. They never listen to the fanbase, and third party developers seem to avoid Nintendo consoles like the plague. I thought the Wii U might have been a turning point, but I've been unimpressed with its lineup so far, and now, when they're already struggling to compete, they make such an outlandish decision as this. I don't understand how Iwata could possibly think this is a good idea when Nintendo needs the publicity from E3 now more than ever.

I used to be a rather intense Nintendo fan. I love Zelda, and some of my most pleasant nostalgic gaming experiences were on a little known console called the N64. However, my faith in the company itself had already been shattered like glass a long time ago as I watched them fall deeper and deeper into the abyss. The saddest part is that they don't even seem to realize that the decisions they are making are hurting them as a company, and disappointing fans time and time again. You'd think that Nintendo would want to use E3 as an opportunity to show that they are still a major player in the gaming industry.

Yes, the Wii U has launched and they may not have anymore big hardware to show off, but they do have a lot of games. I've seen them, and I looked forward to learning more during E3, but now it seems that I won't have that opportunity.

I'm disappointed. I truly am. It seems like a developer I used to love is slowly killing themselves all while thinking that they're doing the right thing. I fear for Nintendo's future in the gaming industry. If it keeps going the way it is now, we may not see them around much longer.

 Maybe my fears are misplaced? Maybe they have something planned that will bring them back from the dead? Only time will tell, but even then... I can't help the lingering feeling that this may be the beginning of the end for on

(Posted on Mar. 14 2013)     Trials of the Heart: Angel's Call Prologue: Releasing Soon!

The title says it all. I've finished the writing portion of the prologue for the new story. All that's left for me to do now is go through it, edit it up, and get it ready for release. I expect I'll be able to get it on Fanfiction very soon, so for those who pay attention to this site, keep an eye out for it during the next week. That's right... all one of you.

I'm not going to reveal much but what I can say is that it follows along with the theme of Divinus Minae's prologue, but as I said, because it's now functioning as an original story I had to do a few things differently. In addition to this, the events that play out deviate even further from the way the game portrayed it. I hope this will be well received because I have reasons for doing it differently this time, which will be explained in the post-chapter notes and in the chapter info section as per usual.

 In other, less pleasant news: I seem to have been stricken with a really bad cough in recent days. There's no other symptoms besides the cough and so it hasn't effected my writing any... but it's persisted for much longer than a cough normally should. I don't think it's much cause for concern, but I do wonder what could possibly be causing it.

Guess we'll see what happens, but for now, I hope everyone looks forward to the beginning of the new story.

(Posted on Feb. 26 2013, 6:10 PM)    I'M BACK!

Well, I'm not sure how many people actually USE this site and I'm hoping that will change in the future but the purpose of this post is simply to inform everyone that I'm back, and have begun work on the new version of Trials of the Heart.

That's right. ShiningwingX has picked up the quill once more! The new title of the first book in the Trials of the Heart series will be

I've recently moved from my home in Missouri and am now living with my girlfriend, Kiki in Florida. Things have been going really well without the hassles I constantly faced at my old residence, and I've been able to focus much more on writing. It's been only a few days since I've started, but I'm already a ways into the prologue and I suspect it will be done and ready for release in the near future.

Trials of the Heart: Angel's Call is the new title of the first book in the series.

I plan to release the prologue as soon as I get it written and proofread as opposed to my normal system of releasing a chapter when the next one is finished. This is not only because it's been so long, and I don't want to keep people waiting, but also because I want to release something that people can look at, and judge the quality of for themselves rather than going by the very basic outline I posted in the last submission to Divinus Minae.

I've gotten mixed responses from my decision to rewrite the story and I sincerely hope that seeing this will put many of the misgivings some people have to rest.

As for the site... it's going to need some cleaning up too. It's been far too barren, and that's my fault for not taking the time to update and add information as quickly as I should. Expect a number of changes and additions to occur here as well as the story starts taking shape, and it is my hope that in doing so, more people will come here to learn more of the world I have created.

With that, I want to thank everyone for all the support over these last few years, and this time I promise that I'll do things the right way from the beginning. 

(Posted on Dec. 19 2011 11:59 AM)    Bridge Chapter, and Other Things.

Sort of late in updating this thing, but here it is regardless:

The Bridge chapter for Part 1 of the story has been released for almost a week now. I'm very pleased with what I've seen so far, both with the surge of readers and the few reviews I've received thus far. I'm really looking forward to more feedback once everyone's holiday business is over.

As I said in the Author's Notes, I'm really happy that the story has been as successful as it has, and I couldn't have done it without the support from my readers and reviewers. So, if you haven't  gotten around to reading the chapter yet, I'll say it again here; thank you all for helping me make this story all that it is, and I hope you all will continue to enjoy it as it grows even further.

 That said, if you haven't read it yet, you can find it here. I will begin writing Chapter XI soon, and at the same time, I'll be updating things here. There's still a lot to do on this site that I really need to get done... as well as some things I need to update, so for now, that's all to say on this front for now.

On another note however, I've recently received The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. If you've read my About Me page, you'll know that the The Elder Scrolls series forms a basis of inspiration for my writing, and considering that this story is Zelda oriented, Skyward Sword goes without saying. Needless to say, I've been finding quite a bit of inspiration from these two games and I'm eager to see how I can implement some of this into the story.

As for the retrospective/timeline theory I've been making... I really need to get back to that. I've gotten the 'script' written for the first few parts, but progress on putting the videos together has been... non-existent. I'm hoping I'll be able to find time to work on these over the holidays because I feel like it may spark some conversation and debate among fans. We'll just see what happens over the course of these next couple of weeks.

(Posted on Oct. 13 2011 at 10:31 PM  Ugh...

So in direct contradiction to my last news post, I think it will indeed be a while before I can release the next chapter. Apparently after returning from my trip I've had to deal with a number of frustrating complications which has made my writing progress almost non-existent for the time being. I don't think I'll have to deal with it much longer, but needless to say, my progress has been effectively halted by the issues I've faced.

Recently, as in, only a couple of days after my return, my grandmother passed away. She was quite obviously a very important person in my life, but I was able to remain relatively calm through the grieving process. Essentially, I served as the source of emotional support for my mother, who took the death rather hard. So for those few days I was busy doing what I could to help her.

Now however, I myself am faced with a bit of a health problem. As my older readers could almost undoubtedly attest to, 'Wisdom' teeth are a pain. Literally. I know it may seem like a rather simple excuse for my lack of progress for those who have not experienced it but let me give you an idea of what I'm feeling. Picture a senario where you've just been punched directly in the face, and focus on the pain from the initial impact. Normally, something like that would last only a few moments before fading to a dull throb, but picture it lasting much longer, say hours or even days. Well, when it comes to 'Wisdom' teeth, that initial pain is a constant feeling.

 I've recently acquired some antibiotics that help to dull the pain somewhat, but it is still there and sometimes it feels worse than others. As some people may be able to tell you, I'm rather fickle when it comes to creative writing. I do not like to write unless I'm feeling one hundred percent and am inspired and motivated to do so. I fear that the quality may be lower than it could be if I'm not at my best, or if it is on par, it will require much more effort than would normally be necessary. That is part of the reason that I sometimes take a very long time to release chapters; because I don't like working amidst complications.

I did not mention this until now, because I honestly did not feel it would take this long to get through it. I have an appointment set up to have these infernal teeth removed so I can get on with my work without distraction, but until that time I'm unsure just how much writing I will be able to do.

However, this does not mean that I'm simply sitting around doing nothing. As any Zelda fan worth their salt knows, the release of Skyward Sword is a little over a month away. For that reason (as well as my own personal motives of course) I have decided to compose a timeline theory for the series of my own making. This is not going to be another Split Timeline Theory thing. I've conjured my own theory for the Zelda timeline, and I now intend to share my thoughts with the rest of the community by making a documentary of sorts which I will then post on Youtube under the Gamers' Dynasty channel. This is something I can do without having to put too much effort into creative prose and what-not while also doing it well. Moreover, I feel it will add something new to the table as well.

I plan to have the theory made and released before Skyward Sword hits shelves but we'll see. I will post a link directing anyone who wishes to see what I've come up with here once the videos are complete. If anyone reading my story also holds interest in theories, especially those pertaining to the timeline, I do hope you will give my theory a look and see if you like where I'm coming from.

 I promise I will get back to the fanfiction as soon as possible. By no means do I intend to give up on it when it's become as successful as it has. Until that time though, please bare with me. Thank you in advance, and I hope you enjoy the other things I come up with, such as the theory until then.

(Posted on Sept. 26, 2011 at 9:31 PM) I Have Returned!

*Resounding Applause*

...Yeah right.

 In any case, I have indeed returned from my trip to Florida to see my girlfriend. Actually, I returned yesterday, but I was too tired to make the announcement then after the long bus ride. In any case, I am back now. It's bitter-sweet really. I so wish I could have stayed longer, but maybe we'll be able to meet up again at another time in the future. I'm looking forward to that day.

But I digress. The silver lining of being back is that I will soon be able to resume my writing. While on the trip, I created chapter 'skeletons' for ten chapters including the one I am currently writing. This means I have general ideas for every chapter here on until chapter XX at least. This is a pretty good amount I feel, and will likely make future chapters easier to write out, and release quicker.

I say 'at least' because like I said, these are merely 'skeletons'; general ideas and themes for the chapters. It is highly likely that I will receive a random spark of inspiration, or I will end up writing something that I originally think will be a small addition but will expand on it further (case in point, Chapter V). So, this could very well spill out into more than ten chapters. In any case, they are sure to help my writing process for a while, so you may expect more frequent chapters in the future.

Anyway, I won't bore you with the details of my trip. I think that's about everything I have to report. I'll take a day or two to get situated and then I will resume my writing. Until then, cheers everyone!

(Posted on Sept. 13, 2011 at 7:52 p.m)        Leaving Thursday!

As I probably won't have time to write this before I leave, and because I want to devote tomorrow to the chapter, I figured I'd post this now. Early Thursday, I'm going to be leaving on my trip to see my girlfriend. This has been a long time coming and as I mentioned before, I don't think I'll be able to do much stuff fanfiction related while I'm there.

HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I'm going to be completely idle while I'm away. While I may not be able to write on the chapter itself, or fix up the site anymore I will still be brainstorming ideas for this, and future chapters especially on the trips there and back where I will have little else to occupy my time. I'm going to bring along a notebook where I can write down any ideas I come upon on during those hours of little activity. This means I may end up having a much more structured idea for how the future chapters will play out, which could lead to quicker releases for a while because I'll have the complete IDEA for the chapter in my head, and will just need to put it in story format, and such.

I'm not sure how many people actually READ these news posts, but yeah. Just a heads up on what's going to be happening with me over the next week or so. Hopefully when I return, I'll be set to continue my writing, and hopefully be able to do it much quicker than I have in the past, at least for a while.

(Posted on Sept. 6, 2011 at 8:56 pm)       Chapter VIII, IX, and Site Updates/Changes

Okay, I wanted to wait until I had finished everything I was doing before posting this. I've officially released chapters VIII and IX onto fanfiction and the bridge is complete though it will probably require a number of edits. It will be posted once I complete Chapter X as is my system of doing things. I've done a number of things recently though and felt an update is indeed in order now that it's been finished.

Response to the chapters has been quite positive. I'm glad people are enjoying the story despite my penchant for long chapters. With chapter IX's release, part one is nearly finished. I simply need to upload the bridge and I'll be ready to start on part two which is a good thing for me. I've got alot of ideas and there's many paths the story can take, all of which will lead to the ultimate destination so to speak. I'm really looking forward to really getting started.

 Chapter VIII can be found here for those who haven't read it. I don't feel the need to add a link to chapter IX because well... it's one page away.

Site updates... I've done a number of them, and I think rather than going over them one at a time I'll make a list briefly mentioning what I've done.


  • Added segments for Chapters VIII and IX into the Info and Musings section, look there for more in depth explanations of various important points.
  • Added character profiles for Saria, Kyun, and Allisaire
  • Merged the Deities, Elements, and Artifacts section to create the Spiritual and Divine Section.
  • The Chronology and Places, Maps, and Customs pages have been merged into one titled The World.
  • Added full information for the Golden Trinity in the Spiritual and Divine section.
  • Various pieces of artwork have been added. Namely, images of the Golden Trinity courtesy of Kearra on Deviantart, and a 'first draft' of the Jewel of Shadow by PitnLinkProductions. Other pieces of artwork will eventually be added as time goes on.

In a little over a week, I'm going to be going on a trip to see my girlfriend. I've got my ticket and everything. What that means is that for about a week or so, I am likely not going to be able to do anything fanfiction related. Chances are, I'm likely not even going to have internet access and even if I DO I'm going to be extremely busy during those days. However, this is something that's been on my mind for a while, and this trip is likely to be a very refreshing experience for me for many obvious reasons. This may well help me with my writing because I'll return with a clearer mind and so forth so I may be able to write faster and easier because of it. In any case, I hope everyone enjoys what I've done so far and I'll begin work on Chapter X soon. It's doubtful that I'll FINISH before I leave but I want to have SOMETHING done :/.

 In any case, that's all from me. Cheers everyone!

Chapter VII and Site Updates

Not much to say since the last update. I've done a few edits to the site information mainly on the Chapter Info page and a small bit of the Chronology section. Chapter VII HAS been released though which means there will be more updates forthcoming. If you haven't seen the chapter yet you can find it here.

Now that I'm back on track though, I can start work on Chapter IX which will likely be the last chapter for the first 'part' of the story. I hope everyone enjoys the new chapter.

(Posted on May 15th 2011 at 9:39 PM)      Hurray for Updates!

Alright so I'm a little late in updating the site but oh well. In any case Chapter VI has been released and is now currently available to read here.

Reviews have been positive so far and I'm enjoying the feedback I've been getting.

I had to chapter split once again with Chapter VII so that means another chapter shall be released very soon. I plan to make the upload on friday as that will give me ample time to finish editing the now much shorter Chapter VII and finish Chapter VIII. I'm very anxious for this because I must say Chapter VII is my favorite thus far and I'm quite pleased with the substance it brings to the plot. Just be sure you're ready to wrap your mind around it.

I hope now that I'm rid of a good deal of stress I will be able to focus more intently on my writing and therefore upload more chapters over the coming months.  

(Posted on Mar. 11 2011 at 12:20 PM  A New Chapter? REALLY? O_O

A new chapter? :O

Yes, Chapter V has officially been released after so long. I'm finally more or less finished with what I can do on the site currently. As I've said, this site is ongoing and content will be added as it's released in the story in order to avoid spoilers. I'll also update the 'Chapter Info and Musings' section as soon as I can to detail my thoughts on every chapter thus far. So if you REALLY care to know what I think about each chapter or get more details on some of the finer points check there in a few days... or weeks... or years. Whenever I get it done.

In any case enjoy the new chapter everyone and I hope the newly public site is to your liking. There will be many changes here and there both in content and presentation as time goes on so I hope it will eventually be much more impressive than it is now.

 On a side note; I have no idea why the formatting of the last few posts is so... weird. I came on here one day and it looked like that. I guarantee you it was NOT like this when I last edited the site so it couldn't have been anything I did. Unfortunately because of this I also don't know how to fix that. At least it's only for this page and not other, more important ones. :S

Back on Track

So after so long of  not having done anything on the story itself since I've been working on this site for God knows how long, I've finally gotten back into the swing of things and am ACTUALLY working on Chapter VI! Surprising, no? O_O

It's going well so far. I'm liking what little I've done so far so that's a good sign. I hope to have it done in less than a month, but you all know how bad I am at keeping such promises so I'm not going to make a strict deadline because of that, as well as the fact that it makes me feel rushed.

In any case, I think it shouldn't be TOO long now that I'm on track... as well as the fact that my inspiration is peaked now which means I'll work faster... for now.

Anyways, I hope you all are enjoying how the site is coming together so far because there's much more to come.  

(Posted on Jan. 12 2011 at 1:03 PM)       Are you confused?

For those of you who do not understand what this site is allow me to explain. This is an information website made for a Legend of Zelda fanfiction series I am writing known as the Trials of the Heart series. It is a very lengthy, detailed work and with so much depth it becomes necessary to explain certain things in more detail. That is what this reference site is for.

 If you stumbled here by accident and are interested in the story, the prologue can be found here.

I do hope everyone enjoys my work.

(Posted on Jan 12, 2011 at 12:05 PM    Welcome!

Greetings everyone. Allow me to welcome you to the official site for my fanfiction, Trials of the Heart : Divinus Minae. I've been working on notes for for the past few months and I finally think I have enough to get this site started. Mind you, it's still in development and I don't have EVERYTHING I want to add here. More will be added as the story goes on, but right now I think what I have is adequate. I hope the information I shall include now, and in the future will help you better understand certain aspects of the story which may be rather obscure without it. Even if some of these things don't appear to be of much importance in the beginning, I plan to incorporate everything here into my works.

It's kind of a shame that I can't edit the font size, position, or the size of that feather at the top because I'd like more space to make a bit of a more detailed title, but I suppose it can't be helped. Either way, I hope the site suits your purposes.