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About Daniel (Last updated 8/2/2012)

So you came to this page wanting to know a little more about me personally? Well I don't know why you'd WANT to know, but I guess I can give you a little information.


My name is Daniel Hight, I'm 23 years old, my social security number is...

Heh... like I'm going to give you THAT.

In all honesty though...

My name is Daniel Hight, but most on the internet know me by my alias, ShiningwingX. I prefer to be called this by those I don't personally talk to (I.E. close friends, family, etc. Just being a fan does not mean we're personal terms you know.). I'm 23 years old, as of the time of this posting, and I am serious fan of The Legend of Zelda, The Elder Scrolls and... just RPGs in general.

Of all of them however, the series that I love the most, and the one that I'm the most knowledgeable in is The Legend of Zelda. I've been a die-hard fan of the series for over many years now, and have a history with the series spanning long into my childhood years. It is for this reason that my fanfictions are chiefly Zelda based. However I've also received inspiration from other sources as well.

I'd like to consider myself an artistic person, particularly in the areas of literature and music. I'm a big fan of instrumentals, video game soundtracks, and classical music and I have a vast selection of these which I use for inspiration and to set the mood for my writing. It's rare that I ever write without some music playing in the background because I never seem to write as well without it. Recently, I've been getting into the Power Metal genre as well, and loving it. Expect a few lyrics from DragonForce, Sonata Artica, etc. to appear in chapters of my story later on.

Religious views... Sorry, but if you're a member of a mainstream religion, I cannot relate. I have no 'religious' views of my own, because I don't believe any of them have the true answer to the Great Question. That isn't to say I wouldn't get along with anyone who has said views though. Indeed I have many friends with religious affiliation and we get along fine. That is also not to say that I don't believe in God. I do... I just don't believe in any mainstream interpretations of the divine as taught by any religious faith... if that makes any sense.

I'm currently in a loving relationship with my girlfriend, Kiki Rukata (This is simply a nickname and the name she's most familiar with. Her real name is Stephanie). We live in different states currently but someday, we'll be together which I'm anxious for. She's a big source of encouragement for me, and I'm really happy to have someone like her. We've been together for almost 3 years now. She's also my Beta Reader.

Along with being a writer of fanfiction, I'm also the Co-founder and Co-leader of a group known as Gamer's Dynasty which is devoted to games and the gamers. We're currently a small group, but the appeal seems to be growing, so if anyone wants to talk to me directly or just to be a part of something, there is a link to our forums in the Links section of this site. Please be willing to at least contribute some to the group before signing up though (There isn't really any point in signing up if you aren't even going to post).

The other two Co-founders/leaders of the group are Kiki, and a long time friend of ours, and my brother by spirit, Pat (forum name, XxPinkHatPatxX).

I aspire to one day become a reviewer for a magazine publisher devoted to video games, such as Game Informer because, as an avid gamer and writer, I believe I could be very successful in this field. Story writing is certainly a passion for me though. I've improved greatly from my last attempt at writing a fanfiction over seven years ago (The first written work I'd ever created) and this time, the story is shaping up into everything I imagine it to be. I've been contemplating the idea of publishing it one day, either remaining Zelda oriented if Nintendo will play ball with me (Which they may or may not) or as an original work if they don't.


Along with The Legend of Zelda, the two main 'third party' sources to inspire the detail my works possess consists of one, that many people here likely know of, and another that may be foreign to you.

 The first, is Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls series. The detail the developers put into their games is the main inspiration for the physical detail that can be seen in the world of Ismirra; the name I've given to the world that my version of Hyrule exists on. The diversity and history of the world of Tamriel has greatly influenced it's creation, and you may very well see many references to these games in my stories.

 The second, is actually a Flash RPG series created by one Pseudolonewolf, known as MARDEK. Many of you may not know of this series because it is a flash series, but many aspects of these games, and their story have influenced some of the metaphysical aspects as well as a few characters. If you know the games, you may see some references to it on this site, and the story itself. If you HAVEN'T, hurry up and go play them if you like RPGs. It'll be a good experience, and you'll learn more about where some of my inspiration comes from.

Apart from these two sources, I've also received a great deal of inspiration from other great authors as well as an artist whom I shall name below.


Rose Zemlya (formerly of Her fanfiction titled The Legend of Zelda: The Return and it's currently incomplete sequel The Legend of Zelda: Reconciliations serve as the base inspiration for the first-person perspective my story undertakes.

Calisto Hime (of Her fanfiction titled Time Cannot Erase indirectly inspired the ideas related to the factor of 'time' that are present in my own story. It and the sequel Among the Ashes have also given me ideas to possibly include some Fire Emblem cameos in the future.

FirebirdX: His Fanfiction, The Legend of Zelda: Parallel Symphony is another great inspiration. He basically combined some of the things that made the first two great with his original ideas to great effect and the level of detail was certainly something to be appreciated.

Happy Mask (of North Castle): This author's stories are tailored to more mature audiences, however most of them pull this off without being flat out smut stories. Various stories from him were my main inspiration to write with more mature themes.

The Author of Doom: Rin (of The newest of my inspirations. Before reading her story titled Child of the Sun I was already a writer with an eye for detail, however AFTER reading through it I noticed just how much I could improve in that regard. Moreover, the original customs, flora and fauna and even the Calender were inspired by her own original ideas in these regards.

J.R.R Tolken (Author of the The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: This goes without saying. I really like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, both the books, and movie rendition. It's one of the great classics of literature, a masterpiece. I doubt I'll ever be as good an author as this man but maybe one day my name will at least be able to be used in the same sentence. 


Kearra (of Deviantart): I have but one artist inspiration, and that position goes to Kearra. It is her Gods and Goddesses of Hyrule ideas that my own renditions of the divines are based off of. The names of most of the Gods, and their personalities are heavily based upon hers. I owe her alot of thanks for allowing me to use them.


Anyway, I think that's about it. Sorry for the long windedness, but I hope this might help you understand me a little more. I hope you continue to enjoy the Trials of the Heart saga!



About Kiki/Stephanie

Hi! This is Kiki, Daniel's girlfriend. But of course you knew that already xD Time to tell yall a little about me!

Well, like Dan said. My name is Stephanie, but I prefer Kiki. I'm currently as of writing this 18 years old. I'm also writing my own book I hope to publish one day. I've also gone by other names on the internet such as LinkxSheikLuver
which is one of my more known names across website.

I've known Dan for several years now and we actually met when he was holding auditions for his remake of Forgotten Legacies, a Melee Machinima. I auditioned for 3 parts, Zelda, Sheik, and the Unnamed One. After a long discussion about the Unnamed One, he finally made it an androgynous character. In the end I didn't get the part for Zelda and Sheik, but got the Unnamed One instead. After that we continued to talk to one another about any and everything we could think of. But because it's us it was mostly about games. Go figure right? xD Well after awhile he finally introduced me to some of his friends. The well known Smash Enigmas.

It was here that I started to like Dan, and Dan I. We didn't even know it at the time but our friend Magnasmash293 kept teasing us about liking each other. We started having private calls over Skype more often just to talk with one another without interruptions. On December 5th, 2009 something compelled us both to get on bright and early.  We started talking about how he was going to be heading out to get his Nintendo Wii and I to my 'sisters' birthday when I was on the website known as Gaiaonline when someone was adamant about trying to get with me, I eventually told him I already liked someone. I mentioned this to Dan and he asked what the guy was like. I mentioned a few things and he said that he too, liked someone. I asked him the same question and he responded with his own thoughts. We had an awkward silence for a few minutes and I was getting so frustrated I was about to type "I'm talking about you dumbass!" when he nervously blurted out that it was me. I was so shocked that he liked me back that I got quiet before finally mumbling that I was talking about him as well. Let's just say, he broke the world record for saying wow so many times in a day. I myself could not stop chuckling, or as he swears up and down, giggling like a school girl.

After that we just took off from there and getting to where we are now. He has come down to see me twice. Once for my birthday in September of 2011, and just a few months ago near July 2012 for my High School Graduation. Now it's my time to go up and see him. I've gotten my ticket and plan on leaving Florida early January 2nd, and then coming back home January 22nd. I'd love to stay longer but I can't be out of work to long at Waffle House or you get terminated from the system unless it's something bad like you can't work because of an accident or something like that. So my boss and I came up with a little plan to get around the 3 week mark. It's thanks to her that I'll be able to see Dan as long as I can. I better start saving my waitress tips now shouldn't I? :3