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Character Information

This is information regarding various ‘important’ characters in the story. It is by no means ALL of the characters that will be added but rather; those that are ‘worth remembering’. I will keep this section as spoiler-free as possible so don't worry about possibly being revealed something here that you'd otherwise like to find out from the story itself. 


Link (Surname currently unknown)


Title: Hero of Time (A title unknown to most)

Race: Hylian

Trade: Adventurer

Element: Light

Alignment: Neutral Good

Temperament: Phlegmatic/Choleric

Description: As everyone knows, Link serves as both the narrator and one of the main characters of the story. He is a boy/young man with a very mature personality and mindset despite his young age. This is due to the time he spent in the land of Hyrule during the Seven Lost Years before the Temporal Reverse, where he was forced to grow up quickly in order to survive. Due to his fate, Link went from the mindset of a child, to that of an adult quite rapidly, and was therefore unable to experience his late childhood as most often do. Despite this unfortunate fact, Link has coped well enough, though his maturity comes as a surprise to most who meet him. Having been orphaned at a young age, Link does not know his full name and so he is only referred to by his given first name.

Link has a very kind-hearted and chivalrous personality befitting his title as the Hero of Time, and actively seeks to improve the well-being of others even at the cost of his own. He is ambiverted, and can easily fare just as well on his own, or among others. He is very polite even when speaking casually, another trait that others find odd given his obvious common status and is possessed of a very humble nature, shrugging off praise even when it is due, though he does secretly appreciate it when it is. When facing an enemy, or speaking to a truly insufferable person however, he drops the politeness, replacing it with a sharp wit and tongue to match.

Over the time they have known one another, Link has developed a deep admiration for Princess Zelda which has sense developed into love. However, due to his own humility, as well as their differences in status, he keeps these feelings hidden.

Link is proficient is many areas, possessing certain skill with all manner of weaponry, as well as his exceptional musical talent. His sword skill rivals even that of an experienced swordsmen, and when used in conjunction with his other talents, Link is a force to be reckoned with. His musical ability is something to be admired as well, and he can use it not only to provide a proper mood among company, but also for many other uses, such as amplifying spells, transportation, or communication. Link’s weaknesses are somewhat obscure. Possibly one of his greatest strengths; his will to protect, is also his greatest weakness. Link has difficulty in situations where he would have to make a fatal choice, and his abilities would be greatly impaired if an innocent life was a stake (Such as a hostage situation). Moreover, with his natural protective nature he is more inclined to defend others, forgoing his own safety in the process; a trait which many of his would-be enemies would gladly exploit. In addition, Link lacks much in the way of defense. With the exception of his shield, he has very little protective gear and must therefore utilize his natural agility to avoid and parry attacks due to his lack of defenses.


Princess Zelda Estelline Hyrule


Current Titles: Sage of Time (Unknown to most), Princess of Destiny (Another unknown), Crown Princess of Hyrule.

Race: Hylian

Trade: Princess

Element: Water

Alignment: Neutral Good

Temperament: Phlegmatic/Melancholic

Description: As is the case with Link, Zelda is very mature due to the Temporal Reverse. She has a very calm, and tranquil personality for the most part, but has a peculiarly adventurous streak especially for a princess. Zelda is wise beyond her years, and is an avid reader and scholar and is rather timid and innocent in nature. She is very empathetic, but also has an emotional streak and can very easily be brought to tears. She is very humble, and embarrasses easily, even from the smallest of praise or the most innocent of teasing.

Zelda holds no interest in politics or most traditions, making her rather unfit for the role of the Queen at this time. However, she treats all peoples with respect, disregarding any and all discrimination, which makes her a greatly loved individual regardless of her lack of leadership qualities. At times she has a tendency to lapse into uncharacteristic ‘scribe speak’ of sorts, but this is mainly due to the influence of the Triforce of Wisdom and is rather involuntary. She is quite introverted, feeling out of place among crowds and prefers one on one socialization with those she is close to. She is very observant, and can easily tell if someone is lying or telling the truth but chooses not to call them out on the former more often than not for fear of the other party getting upset with her.

Zelda has, over the years developed a strong fondness for Link which, like the hero has sense developed into deep affection and love. During the time that Link’s soul lay dormant within the Temple of Light, Zelda clung to the hope that he would return one day and she waited for seven long years for his return, her devotion to him only growing stronger as time flowed on. She has yet to reveal her feelings to Link, due to her own timidity and her fear of rejection; among other, more obvious reasons. Unlike Link however, Zelda has a much more difficult time concealing her affection.

Zelda is quite timid, and by the same token, detests combat. However, when necessary she is very capable in battle. Most of Zelda’s abilities center around the magical arts. She is a very powerful sorceress, excelling in all forms of magical combat, and holds some skills in the healing arts. Over her many years living in the darkened world before the Temporal Reverse, she has also gained great agility, and has amassed a level of skill in archery and hand to hand combat but these skills are dwarfed when compared to her magical power. However, Zelda is also quite frail physically, and does not possess much physical strength of her own, this can be a problem for her if her magical power runs low.


King Ganondorf Dragmire:


Title: King of Evil

Race: Gerudo

Trade: Dark Lord

Element: Fire corrupted by Umbra

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Temperament: Choleric/Melancholic

Description: Ganondorf was a very sinister and corrupt figure with an insatiable lust for power. As is the case with most villains, he was not always the evil and tyrannical figure he is known as, but fell into the corruption of Umbra for reasons unknown. This corruption twisted his ambition and desire for power into a relentless, even maniacal quest to acquire the ultimate form of power; the Triforce for himself. Despite his cruel, sinister nature, Ganondorf was also very charismatic, and excelled at bending the wills weak minded persons and manipulating them like puppets to further his own ends.

Ganondorf was fiercely ambitious, willing to go to any lengths to get what he wanted be it extortion, destruction, or even murder. However, for all his madness, he still held a sense of morals and understood concepts of good and evil. Often times, when such corrupt individuals surface, they hold a subconscious notion that they are doing some form of good. Ganondorf however, was completely conscious to the fact that he was committing acts of great evil, and even relished the fact that he was doing so, calling himself the King of Evil.

Ganondorf was the fallen Gerudo King who ruled over Hyrule for a time before the Temporal Reverse. Before this time, he reigned as the King of the Gerudo and had gained a reputation as a fearsome man. His lust for power was insatiable however, and he was not pleased with merely ruling a single race of people in the desert. After betraying the King of Hyrule, and using Princess Zelda, and Link to gain access to the Sacred Realm, he stole the Triforce in an attempt to gain its immense power for himself. However, due to the impurity, and imbalance of his soul, the Triforce divided into three, and he was left only with the Power Force, whilst Wisdom and Courage fled to bestow themselves to Zelda and Link respectively. Ganondorf was eventually defeated by Link, Zelda, and the Six Sages and is currently sealed within the Evil Realm; a realm he himself created out of a portion of the Sacred Realm which became flooded by his influence.

Due to his possession of the Triforce of Power, Ganondorf was a fearsome warrior, possessing great physical strength and swordsmanship skills coupled with his dark magic. In addition, Ganondorf commanded a vast hoard of monsters which he used to do his bidding and even possessed the ability to brainwash those of weak will. Moreover, his corrupt nature, combined with the Triforce of Power granted him the ability to transform at will into a monstrous demonic form, which only added to his already formidable might. A drawback to his great strength however was a great lack of both speed and agility. Moreover, his overconfidence clouded his mind and blinded him to the true danger his opponents presented. These weaknesses lead to his eventual downfall.


King Gustav Falosvere Hyrule IV:

Title: King of Hyrule

Race: Hylian

Trade: King

Element: Fire

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Temperament: Choleric/Phlegmatic

Description: Gustav is the current king of Hyrule, returned to life from the effects of the Temporal Reverse. Before that time, Gustav had ambitions to annex the desert province of Ahm’veshta, home of the Gerudo, into Hyrule. For many months he held negotiations with the, then Gerudo King, Ganondorf Dragmire on the matter. Gustav was deceived however, as it was revealed all too late that Ganondorf was merely using him as a means to discover the secret of the Sacred Realm.

Due to the effects of the Reverse, and Ganondorf having been erased from history however, Gustav remembers none of this and lives his life ignorant of the tragedy that befell his kingdom. He is a stern ruler, valuing law above all else and though he is fair to his people, he still holds a great level of ambition. Gustav is the father, and only living parent to Princesses Zelda, and Liene and though he is a very successful king, he is an inadequate father-figure. Gustav sets high standards for both of his daughters and shows much disappointment when those standards are failed to be met. This comes at a particular cost to Zelda, who has always struggled in the way of diplomacy and regality. Because of this, Gustav shows slight favoritism to Liene, who excels in these aspects; something that bothers, and even hurts both princesses deep down.

Gustav seems to possess greater ambitions even as king, though none can say for sure what these ambitions are. He holds law and order in the highest regard, and therefore the laws he puts into motion are often fairly strict, even for minor offenses. Some people find his methods to be somewhat extreme, but they more or less support him because of the positive effects such strictness results in.

Though Gustav has some skill in the art of swordsmanship, he is not a fighter by any means. His mind is sharp however, and he is a brilliant strategist. Sometimes however his own ambition can cloud his mind, and he has a tendency to disregard his advisers in favor of his own methods and goals.


Princess Liene Lunestrie Hyrule II


Title: Second Princess of Hyrule

Race: Hylian

Trade: Princess

Element: Spirit

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Temperament: Sanguine/Melancholic

Description: Liene is the second born princess of Hyrule and the younger sister of Zelda. She is very kind, and possesses a great air of dignity, much like Zelda. However, unlike her older sister, Liene is a very social, and extroverted person who much enjoys being in the company of others. She possesses a very pleasant, if somewhat mischievous personality, and enjoys making jokes and jabs at others as a means to induce laughter. She does this not as a means to insult, but merely as her own brand of fun. Despite this, sometimes her harmless jokes results in much embarrassment from the much more sensitive Zelda.

Liene remains much the same now as she did before the events that lead to the seven dark years. She is very skilled in the ways of diplomacy and politics; a stark contrast to Zelda who detests these things. Because of this her father, King Gustav favors Liene over Zelda despite the latter being the older of the two. Liene however holds no such sense of superiority, and loves and respects her older sister as much as any sibling should.

Liene is very confident, though not overly so and strives to do her best for her kingdom and her family despite her young age. Moreover, despite being the younger of the two, it is normally Liene who is the source of emotional support for Zelda; an ironic characteristic as it is normally the older sibling who plays this role. Her confidence and skill in affairs relating to state make her a much more fitting candidate for the throne than Zelda which causes some tension in the upper echelons of Hyrule's nobility.

Liene currently holds no skills in combat to speak of, but holds a degree of interest in such skills. Her current age prevents her from taking up practice in any such areas however. As a Hylian she also has a natural affinity to magic though to a much lesser degree than Zelda. Moreover, by the same token as her father she is very skilled in diplomacy and negotiation; skills which will benefit her greatly in the future. Though Liene currently lacks many skills in combat, her charming personality and limitless vigor is enough to lift the spirits of anyone she speaks to and she always seeks to make others happy. She is a very independent girl however, and when she herself is troubled, she tends to reject offered aid in favor of doing things her own way; a trait that serves as both a strength and a weakness.

Note: The character of Liene is based heavily off of my girlfriend Kiki. Many of her personality traits and preferences are directly similar (With some exceptions due to her position and suchlike.)

Makri Akai

Title: Mistfiend Bandit Chief

Race: Shiekah

Trade: Bandit Chief

Element: Wind

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Temperament: Sanguine/Choleric

Description: Makri Akai is the mysterious, snide, and malevolent chief of the Mistfiend Bandit Clan; a small but rather notorious faction of brigands who prowl the areas outside of Hyrule's main cities, and away from the territories of the various Thieves Guilds therein. Makri is a largely enigmatic figure and next to nothing is known of his background. Until recently, he and his band of criminals had been no more than passing irritant to the people of Hyrule but they have now began to establish themselves as a serious threat. Unlike other bandits who merely immerse themselves in criminal acts due to the prospect of wealth, Makri possesses a much more specific agenda. However, any details relating to his ultimate goal are, unfortunately, shrouded in mystery.

Makri is characterized by his devious, conceited, and manipulative nature. He is overly proud, thinking himself above others and does not hesitate to assert his self proclaimed 'superiority'. He speaks in an insulting and disrespecting tone to most people, showing little regard for the feelings of others, especially to those who follow him and is rather unforgiving of mistakes. However, despite his conceit and obvious disregard for others, Makri does hold some sense of honor. Should he find someone worthy of his respect he has no qualms about showing it though it is often through sarcasm and in a way that boosts his own ego as well.

Unlike many of his ilk, Makri also holds some small shreds of honor beneath his devious, conniving nature. When faced with a worthy opponent, he always faces his adversary one on one without help from any of his men. Moreover he never resorts to using dishonorable tactics to win said duels, fighting using only his rapier and his own skills in swordsmanship and magic. However, he is rather cowardly and would rather flee a loosing battle than fight to the death, or worse, surrender. When such a situation arises he holds no remorse for either his own men, or his victims, leaving them in fates hands while he himself runs from it.

Makri, is an exceptional swordsman well versed in a graceful fencing style, and in addition to this utilizes magic of the Wind and Shadow elements. Due to this, he is a formidable opponent and few without the same gift can withstand his relentless attacks. His magic is centered around the elements of Wind and Shadow and he uses these in conjunction with his incredible speed and agility to defeat his opponents. His greatest weakness lies in his overconfidence however. Due to his nature of placing himself higher than others, he does not often consider the threat that more skilled opponents possess until it is too late for him to correct his mistakes. His inflated ego has often left him on the edge of defeat and has resulted in his near-capture on a few occasions. However, his skill and tact has allowed him to elude them all.


Falora Kei Saria

Title: Elder of Nieraki, Sage of Forest

Race: Kokiri

Trade: Elder

Element: Forest

Alignment: Lawful Good

Temperament: Phlegmatic/Melancholic

Description: Saria is the elder of the Kokirian village of Neiraki, nestled deep within the Forest of Life's Beginning. She is a dutiful person possessed of a wisdom and maturity beyond her physical age. Despite her appearance, Saria is in fact one of the oldest Kokiri in the village. She is a kind, motherly figure to all of the forest children, and it is often her that the other Kokiri look to for support and guidance. She is especially receptive to the voices of the Forest Spirits, as is characterized by her viridian hued hair. As the elder, she is the highest echelon in Kokirian society, and could be considered the leader of the village, though she would fervently deny that title.

Before the events of the Temporal Reverse, Saria was marked by a special destiny as the Sage of Forest. During the seven years of darkness, Saria was deceived by the malevolent forces infesting the Forest Temple, who mimicked the voices of the Spirits of the Forest in order to lead her into a trap. She was rescued and subsequently awakened to her fate as a Sage by Link, who purified the evil energies within the Temple. Saria, along with Link, Zelda, and the rest of the Sages eventually succeeded in sealing Ganondorf within the Evil Realm, thereby ending his influence over Hyrule and bringing the dark age to an end. She, along with Kyun is responsible for raising Link during his earliest years.

Saria's personality can be described as warm and motherly. Her closeness to the spirits of life has given her a deep affection for all living things, and a desire to care for them. She is a kind girl, possessed of fair morals and a gentle soul. However, there are often times when she tends to become too attached and can sometimes be greatly affected by seemingly insignificant things. Her loving personality has lead her to be a greatly respected member of Kokirian society however.

Like most Kokiri, Saria does not possess much in terms of combat capabilities. She is not physically strong, nor is she a keen archer, or magician. However, she DOES possess a number of support abilities as well as some healing skills. In addition to this, she possesses the unique ability to speak with the spirits of the Forest, and to ask them for guidance. This gives her the uncanny ability to perceive threats before they come, ensuring that her allies are prepared, or can escape if the threat proves to great.

Her guardian fairy, Cerelise, is one of the most powerful of her kind.


Salenri Dres Kyun

Title: Jirasved Warder

Race: Kokiri

Trade: Hunter/Forester

Element: Fire

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Temperament: Phlegmatic/Sanguine

Description: Kyun is a Jirasved hunter within the village of Nieraki. He is a laid back, fun loving Kokiri with a mildly arrogant disposition. He is one of the many Kokiri responsible for hunting forest game and for patrolling the village's borders to detect, and hopefully fend off any dangers. He is one of the oldest of the Kokiri, having been born after Saria and Mido and he is a very charismatic figure in the village. He is very talkative, and often has many stories to tell though he has a penchant for exaggeration. Despite this, many of the Kokiri enjoy hearing him speak because of the entertaining way he does so. He does not hold very high standing in Kokirian society but his assertive nature and kind disposition make him a very respected and liked member of the village.

Kyun, along with Saria was responsible for raising Link as he grew up in the forest. It was they who discovered his wounded mother as she wandered the forest and lead her to the Deku Tree's glade where she would entrust the child to the care of the forest dwellers. At her request, Kyun raised the boy along with Saria in the ways of the forest, teaching him all he would need to become a respectable Kokiri. Kyun has had a lasting rivalry with Mido due in large part to the fact that both boys hold affections for Saria. In addition to Link's acceptance, this has lead to a level of animosity between them and it is not uncommon to find Kyun at odds with the older Kokiri. He has been a close friend to both Link and Saria for many years.

Kyun's can be described as a friendly, and assertive character who can also be arrogant and mischievous at times. He is very charismatic, and holds a lot of respect from the rest of the villagers. His arrogance can get him into trouble at times however, often leading him to break the rules of the village where it suits him, resulting in a level of exasperation from Saria. In addition, he is somewhat mischievous and enjoys playing the occasional prank on his fellow Kokiri. Quite often, it is Mido who ends up the target of these pranks, due to the fact that Kyun finds his ire humorous.

Kyun's abilities are those of the marksman. He is well versed in ranged weaponry, often needing such skills during his hunts and patrols. His sight is so acute that he can see for many miles, and can detect the most minute of shifts in movement. He is very accurate with the bow and slingshot, and utilizes both when necessary. He is also very stealthy, blending perfectly with the greenery to outwit both prey and threat alike. Though he specializes in ranged combat, he also holds some skill in hand to hand combat as well, to the point that he can easily stand toe to toe with Mido in a fight. He does not possess many magical abilities however, and all of his skills are more suited toward facing singular opponents or for fighting alongside others.


Prince Allisaire Araols De'Meair

Title: Gerudo Prince of Ahm'Veshta

Race: Gerudo

Trade: Prince

Element: Fire

Alignment: Neutral Good

Temperament: Phlegmatic/Choleric

Description: The young prince of the Gerudo, Allisaire is the first male born to the desert race in one hundred years. He is a calm, kind boy who cares greatly for his people and those around him, but he is also firm and direct when he feels he needs to be. As the prince of the Gerudo he currently does not hold many official duties, acting mostly as a figurehead until he is able to fully assume his role as King. Apart from his calm disposition, Allisaire also has a touch of mild arrogance, but this doesn't boil over into conceit. He knows his abilities, and has a drive to become stronger, which may be attributed to his rather frail childhood. Should a challenge be issued to him, he is likely to accept it simply to test his own abilities. 

Due to a strange turn of events, the Gerudo were left kingless for a full century after their previous king passed away, forced to live without leadership for a very long time. Because of this, Allisaire was born the prince of a struggling nation, desperate for salvation. The plight of his people rested heavily on the prince's heart for a long while, and it seemed for a long time that there was no end in sight to their hardship. It was then that Nabooru, the Gerudo's queen and chief administrator spoke to him of the possibility of requesting aid from the neighboring nation of Hyrule. Allisaire knew his people, in their pride, were not like to be pleased with such an action but like the Queen, he knew there was no other choice. He agreed, and after some discussion it was decided that Nabooru would travel to Hyrule in order to plead with the Counsel of Archdukes to aid the Gerudo and their weakened nations. Allisaire, it was proposed would accompany her, and after hearing the purpose for this, the prince reluctantly agreed.

Allisaire's personality is generally that of a calm, moderately self-confident individual. He's very level headed, unlikely to have outbursts of joy or anger alike, and is fairly down to earth. He follows his heart more than his head and is more inclined to do what he feels is right than to operate within a strict set of rules. Though a prince, Allisaire is also a thief and often has a tendency to ply his trade for the mere fun of it, much to the chagrin of others. He has a mild streak of arrogance about him which may be off putting at times, and because of his mild temperament he may not understand the emotional tendencies of others because he responds to things differently than most. He does his best to be as accommodating as possible however.

Allisaire does not hold much magical talent, and his skill in archery is lacking especially for a Gerudo. However, is very proficient in the art of swordplay, his form consisting of an altered variant of the dual wielding style practiced by Gerudo blademasters. He is very quick and agile, preferring to take advantage of weaknesses in an enemies defense rather than engage in a head on fight. As the Gerudo are known for their skills in more 'secretive' arts, Allisaire is no exception, having been trained in skills such as lock-picking, stealth, and thievery. These skills make him a very versatile character.