Ismirrian Chronicles; The TotH Loresite

Flora and Fauna

!!Imporatant!!: This is an 'ongoing' section. More will be added to this page as mention is made of the respective plants and animals in the story.

A plethora of unique plants, animals and materials exists upon the world of Ismirra. This is a list of names and descriptions for the unique organisms that inhabit this vast world alongside the sentient races.


Trees and Plants:


There are many various trees and plants in the world of Ismirra, with many different habitats and uses. This segment explains them in more detail.




A small variety of deciduous tree often found in temperate locations with adequate rainfall. The Atherus' life requires a very delicate balance of both rainfall and temperature and so it cannot exist in very arid or very frigid climes. Therefore it is most suited to plains-like ecosystems where it can receive adequate sunshine and rainfall.  The Atherus is characterized by it's smooth, fragile brown wood and broad, albeit very thin, seven pointed leaves of dark green. The fragility of the Atherus' wood makes it ideal for the creation of paper products while the leaves leaves possess a distinct scent and flavor and are often used as a form of natural spice.



Hylian White Ash:


A large, fairly common tree that can be found nearly anywhere in Ismirra though is most abundant in the Hyrulian region. The color of the wood can range anywhere from pure white, to a light silver (a subspecies known as the Hylian Silver Ash). It has thick leaves ranging from a rich scarlet to a dark burgundy color of a needle like shape. It is a hearty tree which can whether extreme conditions that may result in the death of lesser species', so it can sometimes exist even in sub-arid climes, though those that live long enough to whether such conditions are few and far between. It’s wood is very hard and strong and with the addition of it’s pleasing shade of white, it makes for much sought after building material. The white wood can be seen in the furnishings of many homes and establishments, however the much rarer silver wood is a prize that only the wealthy can afford.




A Mid-Large tree with hard wood of a golden color, and broad, thick leaves of sky blue, star like shape. Originally a native tree of the southeastern regions of Hyrule, particularly near the Kokiri Forest, typically called the Forest of Life’s Beginning,(Though some are known to exist in other regions of the world) Lothrian Trees have been much sought after both for their beauty and practicality. Though rare, the trees can be seen in most regions which possess adequate rainfall. Royalty, and Nobility prize the trees for their beauty and rarity, and it is in the courtyards and estates of the richest of them that the trees are most often seen. The wood is hard, though not as much as the Hylian White Ash, but very beautiful, and is often used in the construction of more picturesque items, such as doors, and wooden statues. The leaves are used in dyes, paints, and other such colorings.






It goes without saying that animals are 'fleshbeasts', natural creatures born of natural means, unlike Umbral Creatures which are no more than semi-corporeal illusions. The animals that exist in Ismirra are defined below.




A small breed of migratory bird which populates northern regions in warmer seasons and southern regions during cooler ones. They are quite small, and their diet consists mainly of plant nectar and small winged insects. They possess a number of very small downy feathers, and narrow needle like beaks which they use to drink nectar and fish insects from crevices. Their wingbeats are very fast, and in flight, they almost sound like whispers from a distance which is where they get their names.




Umbral Creatures:


Umbral Creatures are pseudo-lifeforms created by a large concentration of Umbreic energy coalescing into a semi-corporeal shape. They form randomly out of residual Umbreic essence as a response to various factors and though their physical bodies can be destroyed, they cannot die. If they are slain in any way, they merely disperse into the air to reform elsewhere with time, sometimes with a different shape. This is the reason why most burst into a plume of flame or wisp of smoke upon 'death'... as well as the reason they seem nearly infinite in number.